For nearly 30 years now, the Annex has been friend to some of the Bay Area's best musical talents, and partner to many of the world's leading high tech corporations.

Music Community
Our world class studios offer the music industry a solid environment that produces the high quality you expect from a professional facility. Our experienced engineering staff and versatile customer services will exceed your expectations. With 5 studio environments to choose from, we can accommodate your every audio need.

Corporate Media World
We have extensive experience in creating award winning radio spots, multimedia presentations, technology audio and communication programs that include services ranging from Script Development, Talent Auditioning, Audio Recording, Directing and Editorial Services, and we deliver the final product in any audio format required. Our professional engineering and support staff provides a comfortable and creative environment that ensures the highest quality outcome for your project.

We think of media services as things we can do with the audio you already have. That covers quite a range of possibilities... from archiving your antique stack of 78's to transfering media and configuring files for the latest VXML application.

What can we do for you?

Sometimes even the simplest project can encounter the unexpected. Looking for someone to help ease the load?

We provide a comprehensive range of Production Management services from talent acquisition and scheduling to arranging catering for your session.

Our people and facilities are equipped for producing High End Music Recording and Album Production as well as Audio for Multimedia Technologies and Marketing. Our proven rooms are suited for a variety of recording needs.

Here is a overview of all the recording services we offer.

Duplication n 1: the act of copying or making a duplicate (or duplicates) of something.

Example... You've just recorded evidence of extra terrestrial broadcasts from outer space and you need copies to send to all the local newspapers ... FAST!.
We can help... Here's how...